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Monday, August 11, 2008

I Got Busted Online And Now Am In Trouble

Online networking can get you trouble

Online networking sites such as my space, face book, etc. can get you in trouble when you are in count or looking for work. Since it is public to look at it can be used to see what you been up too or see what kind of person you are. you have to be careful what you post up on online networking sites sine you never know who is looking.
In the case Joshua Lipton who was charged with drunken driving the pictures used on myspace was used to prove that he was drinking that night.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mark of Satire

Satire: a literary tone used to ridicule or make fun of human vice or weakness, often with the intent of correcting, or changing, the subject of the satiric attack.
Many people in life use Satire to "lighten" up a subject or situation. Even in movies and television actors use satire to make jokes and to give the viewers some fun while watching.( Jon Stewart on the daily show )

The best know person for using satire is Mark Twain. Born November 30, 1835 Mark Twain was the sixth of seven children. That is one big family! Mark started his career as a journalist and making quotes using his keen wit. He later made himself know in history for his books ( Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Seywer ).

Advice to Youth by Mark Twain (1882)

Being told I would be expected to talk here, I inquired what sort of talk I ought to make. They said it should be something suitable to youth-something didactic, instructive, or something in the nature of good advice. Very well. I have a few things in my mind which I have often longed to say for the instruction of the young; for it is in one’s tender early years that such things will best take root and be most enduring and most valuable. First, then. I will say to you my young friends—and I say it beseechingly, ungainly—

Always obey your parents, when they are present. This is the best policy in the long run, because if you don’t, they will make you. Most parents think they know better than you do, and you can generally make more by humoring that superstition than you can by acting on your own better judgment.

Be respectful to your superiors, if you have any, also to strangers, and sometimes to others. If a person offend you, and you are in doubt as to whether it was intentional or not, do not resort to extreme measures; simply watch your chance and hit him with a brick. That will be sufficient. If you shall find that he had not intended any offense, come out frankly and confess yourself in the wrong when you struck him; acknowledge it like a man and say you didn’t mean to. Yes, always avoid violence; in this age of charity and kindliness, the time has gone by for such things. Leave dynamite to the low and unrefined.

Go to bed early, get up early- this is wise. Some authorities say get up with the sun; some say get up with one thing, others with another. But a lark is really the best thing to get up with. It gives you a splendid reputation with everybody to know that you get up with the lark; and if you get the right kind of lark, and work at him right, you can easily train him to get up at half past nine, every time—it’s no trick at all.

Now as to the matter of lying. You want to be very careful about lying; otherwise you are nearly sure to get caught. Once caught, you can never again be in the eyes to the good and the pure, what you were before. Many a young person has injured himself permanently through a single clumsy and ill finished lie, the result of carelessness born of incomplete training. Some authorities hold that the young out not to lie at all. That of course, is putting it rather stronger than necessary; still while I cannot go quite so far as that, I do maintain , and I believe I am right, that the young ought to be temperate in the use of this great art until practice and experience shall give them that confidence, elegance, and precision which alone can make the accomplishment graceful and profitable. Patience, diligence, painstaking attention to detail—these are requirements; these in time, will make the student perfect; upon these only, may he rely as the sure foundation for future eminence. Think what tedious years of study, thought, practice, experience, went to the equipment of that peerless old master who was able to impose upon the whole world the lofty and sounding maxim that “Truth is mighty and will prevail”—the most majestic compound fracture of fact which any of woman born has yet achieved. For the history of our race, and each individual’s experience, are sewn thick with evidences that a truth is not hard to kill, and that a lie well told is immortal. There is in Boston a monument of the man who discovered anesthesia; many people are aware, in these latter days, that that man didn’t discover it at all, but stole the discovery from another man. Is this truth mighty, and will it prevail? Ah no, my hearers, the monument is made of hardy material, but the lie it tells will outlast it a million years. An awkward, feeble, leaky lie is a thing which you ought to make it your unceasing study to avoid; such a lie as that has no more real permanence than an average truth. Why, you might as well tell the truth at once and be done with it. A feeble, stupid, preposterous lie will not live two years—except it be a slander upon somebody. It is indestructible, then of course, but that is no merit of yours. A final word: begin your practice of this gracious and beautiful art early—begin now. If I had begun earlier, I could have learned how.

Never handle firearms carelessly. The sorrow and suffering that have been caused through the innocent but heedless handling of firearms by the young! Only four days ago, right in the next farm house to the one where I am spending the summer, a grandmother, old and gray and sweet, one of the loveliest spirits in the land, was sitting at her work, when her young grandson crept in and got down an old, battered, rusty gun which had not been touched for many years and was supposed not to be loaded, and pointed it at her, laughing and threatening to shoot. In her fright she ran screaming and pleading toward the door on the other side of the room; but as she passed him he placed the gun almost against her very breast and pulled the trigger! He had supposed it was not loaded. And he was right—it wasn’t. So there wasn’t any harm done. It is the only case of that kind I ever heard of. Therefore, just the same, don’t you meddle with old unloaded firearms; they are the most deadly and unerring hings that have ever been created by man. You don’t have to take any pains at all with them; you don’t have to have a rest, you don’t have to have any sights on the gun, you don’t have to take aim, even. No, you just pick out a relative and bang away, and you are sure to get him. A youth who can’t hit a cathedral at thirty yards with a Gatling gun in three quarters of an hour, can take up an old empty musket and bag his grandmother every time, at a hundred. Think what Waterloo would have been if one of the armies had been boys armed with old muskets supposed not to be loaded, and the other army had been composed of their female relations. The very thought of it make one shudder.

There are many sorts of books; but good ones are the sort for the young to read. remember that. They are a great, an inestimable, and unspeakable means of improvement. Therefore be careful in your selection, my young friends; be very careful; confine yourselves exclusively to Robertson’s Sermons, Baxter’s Saint’s Rest, The Innocents Abroad, and works of that kind.

But I have said enough. I hope you will treasure up the instructions which I have given you, and make them a guide to your feet and a light to your understanding. Build your character thoughtfully and painstakingly upon these precepts, and by and by, when you have got it built, you will be surprised and gratified to see how nicely and sharply it resembles everybody else’s.

Source: Advice to Youth Mark Twain, 1882

What I get from this is that Mark is telling the youth how to act in today's world but saying it in a sarcastic way.when he says to hurt people and do everything you shouldn't do he is not really saying to do that, he making a joke.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Makes A Good Liar

To be a good liar is to not let anyone else know your lying

If you want to be a liar then you have to make sure not to be detected. You have to make sure you do everything normal like your telling the truth and even your heartbeat has to stay normal. Heartbeat and body temperature(sweating) is how lie detector works. Keeping your breathing and thinking in a normal way will make the lie almost real; believing in your own lie will make it believable to anymore. also keeping your eyes on the person not always looking down will make you look like your telling the truth.

If you want to be great at being a liar you will have to study the ways people use words and how they get into a persons feelings. you have to know how to brainwash someone to believe what you want them to believe.

A Confession of Lies

No,it isn't needed; this blue sky, the two exact trees
Where they are green ash, blue pine. The seas can rise
To within an inch of the buildings but not,
Ever. For now, like them, my words can be trusted.
There is no need for a doubt. We will not die.
We cannot keep the wood from receding north
To a cooler horizon. Red, white, and yellow
Trash will escape our hands to go into the water.
A glowing, new coal will escape our lips and go down
Through time in the water, to come up a cool, gold
Drink. The truth: We aren't eager to die. We
Turn all our acts to good. We complete. We don't
Let our anger loose. All earth
Is as wide and dear and clean as when I was small.
Whenever I lie, I tell a truth.


If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

Mark Twain
(1835-1910, American humorist, writer)

This poem means to me is what it say at the end; tell the truth and you don't have to remember anything because lies are hard to remember. For example , The cops comes up to me wanted to know what happened and I said a lie to one cop about what happened and then a second cop ask me what happen and I did not remember the line I told the first cop; well in that case I am finished and I have won a free ride down to the station and a group cell for the night but it does prove the point that remembering a lie is harder then telling the truth. The example I used happens all the time and the only thing I can say about that is if someone lies all the time then don't lie to the cops because no one has ever got away with a lie when they try it in front of a cop.

Consequences of lies

There are many consequences for lies. The bigger the lie , bigger the consequence. The quote " The bigger you are , the harder you fall " comes to mind because its almost the same thing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why We Lie

To recognize why we lie is to recognize ones way of thinking.

There is many reason why we lie but the one am going to focus is fear. Fear is a common motivation for lying. In children and in our younger days lying about something we did was a way to get out of the fear of our parents "blowing up" on us. I remember it as a way to buy me time from being punished when I knew that I did something wrong. In most children they lie when they know they did something wrong because they fear what there parents will do to them.

Making it a habit when someone becomes older comes with constant practice. People that "lie by reflex" when confronted shows that they made this a habit. Habitual liars are often strengthened by dealing with hostile confrontations; making them wonderful car salesman and lawyers.

Kids often model their parents and how they talk to other people. If the parents lie often then there kids will lie often. The quote "like mother like son" comes to mind at this time. This dilemma to how to shield children from lies is impossible but to moderate what we say could help. By making telling the truth a instruction and a example we could fix the problem.

Many people lie because they are over prediction. They learn as a child to over predict the answer or reaction to what there going to do or say. Mostly this habit is made when the person at a young age is not given clear boundaries. To try to stop this many parents should provide clear boundaries and make sure that they are negotiable because if there are to many restrictions this can promote a lying behaviour.

I can't agree or disagree with the way we lie because we all do it; yes it's bad but sometimes it gets us out of bad problems. Many times I have lied and it gets me into more trouble or it would help me out depending on the issue. I think the pics used will show u what am talking about.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alternative energies

Electric cars
Why not?

Alternative energies is the new way we turn the world. Using renewable energy will lower the way we destroy the earth. In my opinion using a renewable electric to replace the gas we use in cars is a great way to go green. Electric cars is on the market today but not used by all. I think its because no one thinks electric cars can handle the day by day action of there lives. The science behind this is not hard to see ; think of a toy car that runs on batteries , now just make that car big and you got the idea. Mostly around the world people are starting to understand that making a car only run on batteries is a great idea but just a Little costly mattering on what your going to do with it. The potential positive of this is have cites that doesn't have noisy highways and less people with problems filling there cars because of the price of gas. Also just to add, filling your car would cost less then $5.00US. There is no major effects on the environment but the price of electricity could go up just to support our economy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Al Gore Speech

Today I heard a speech that Al Gore gave about the growing concern for the environment. This guy is nothing but smart when he talks about the earth and what we should do to better it. The earth is getting hotter and unlivable everyday more do to us using up gas for our cars. I believe that he is not the first to say that we have to change our ways to better the earth or its going to get worst but I do know he is the first to say this and for people to listen. To use solar power to get energy to power homes/cites is not a bad idea at all ; in fact it is the best way. Solar panels being used on someones roof to get power into their home is a great way to lower the cost of using power from a power station and in the long run to be independent on power.

In today's dependence on oil from lands that is not our own we as a nation are only adding to the problems of how we live our life. The price of gas and food is getting higher while the cost of the nations money lessons. The pure fact is that our nation is causing this world to die a little more everyday and the United States gets weaker by the minute. There is only one way we can come back from this and that is to become less dependent on oil from overseas and more earth friendly. This nation has become independent from England for a long time but we have not become independent from oil.

I know I can help out by saving the world by driving a electric car and no there not slow !

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Do you know about the practice of ending ?

Ending a life is sometimes a needed act in this world. Its needed because some people just need to die because their a menace to society and themselves. For years now we have been using a way that cause tons of pain to the person we were killing. Executions have been done with a electric chair for many years. This was a very painful way to kill someone. Many states now have put away the chair and found faster and less painful ways to kill us using poison injections. A less painful way to go....

Euthanasia (literally "good death" in Ancient Greek) refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner. For the one that want to die this needle is there way to do it.

????A Good Death????
???True or False???